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Since 1992, Finansavisen has covered Norwegian business more closely and more widely than any other newspaper. Stock and market matters, economics and business are the core, but in addition, more pointed content about law, property, accounting, and more is also covered. As well as lifestyle material such as private housing, travel, car, boat and food. Finansavisen is read both digitally and on paper, and is constantly increasing both in circulation and among readers.

Large weekend editions: the magazine Kapital accompanies Finansavisen every Friday and on Saturdays an extra large newspaper is produced with a lot of lifestyle material and the Saturday magazine MOTOR. 573,000 Norwegians read Finansavisens content during a week, on paper, online, MOTOR or Kapital. Readers have a high income and high decision-making authority, and are the ones who both spend the most and earn the most privately.

Norwegian top managers start the day with Finansavisen!

70% men
of total visitors
30% women
of total visitors
25-55 years
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