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Eiendom is published four times a year with particularly good coverage of the market for commercial property. In-depth articles and analyzes about the property market are presented from an economic perspective in this magazine. What is built, what is bought and sold and rented out - not least at what prices? We follow the biggest investors closely, with the annual ranking of Norways property kings. In addition, the magazine contains useful material on interiors, energy saving and building maintenance.

Ad value:

- Relevant context that provides high attention and perceived usefulness for advertisements in Eiendom.

- Our readers decide to rent and sell commercial properties.

Contact: Anniken Husan, tel. 0047 938 53 045 / email:

Releases 2024

  • 15 March | Material deadline, 5 March
  • 03 May | Material deadline, 23 April
  • 23 August | Material deadline, 13 August
  • 29 November | Material deadline, 19 November